Salsa on 9

‘Salsa on 9’ emerges out of a desire to know what it would feel like to dance salsa wearing a long dress, a headscarf and with most of my face covered. Would I still have a sense of my body? Would I still feel the sexuality of the music and the rhythms of the dance? Would I lose my peripheral vision? How would my self-consciousness of what I was wearing impact on the way I danced, on my movements, my hips? How would all this affect the intimate conversation salsa creates with a dance partner - ‘our’ conversation?

What happens when the sensuality of salsa, with its intrinsic erosion of boundaries, begins to unravel the quite different boundaries – cultural, social, religious - of this type of ‘dress’?

Salsa on 9 Poster, 2012 (click to download pdf)

Salsa on 9, Video still, 2012

Salsa on 9, Video still, 2012

Salsa on 9, Installation, 2012

Salsa on 9 (excerpt), video, 2013