Menjaga Padi

Collaboration with Iswanto G. Hartoni, Indonesia, and Kazunori Kitazawa, Japan
Rong Artist Congress – Collaboration Installation Asia Europe in Art & Environment, Tejakula, Bali, Indonesia

watching over the padi

It is that which rejects me
forces me to stand
on the side of death
protects my life
and encourages me
It is something
That not only feeds
my ambition
but gives me the courage
to fight against
the pain of my heart
revives my soul
and heals the wound.

Kazunori Kitazawa, 2000

The prose above, written by Kazunori, came out of a discussion around our collaboration in a rice-field in Tejakula.  It was recited by Kazunori during the performance. [Translated from Japanese into English by Victoria Cattoni & Iswanto G. Hartono]